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Beekeeper Alice


May 2017

Alice loves finding interesting insects in our garden, she especially loves watching the honey bees and butterflies on the flowers.

This year she found some new interesting insects in our garden. The first was the bag moth caterpillar who we had never seen outside of its silk bag before! The next was a well-camouflaged spider hiding in our dried out corn plants, we are still not sure what type of spider it is.

She also got to see a swarm of honey bees which her aunty caught and brought home to put in a hive. Alice got her own bee suit this year and she hopes to become a beekeeper just like her aunty.

Alice – Age 3

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  • Bag Moth Caterpillar Bag Moth Caterpillar
  • A well camouflaged spider! A well camouflaged spider!
  • Swarm of Bees! Swarm of Bees!