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Wild Kaikoura


June 2018

  • I think Kaikoura is the best place in New Zealand because it has so much wildlife like albatross, seals, dolphins, penguins and dotterals.

    When we were there we went on a boat which took us so far away from the beach lots of albatross came swooping down so close that I could touch them but I didn’t. The wingspan of an albatross is about the size of a fully grown man! The seals were splashing around in the dark blue water.

    When we went for a walk we saw brown seals sleeping on the rocks. We even saw a little speedy dotterel hopping around the beach even though it was the wrong season for them.

    The mountains are huge there was a shape of an owl because trees fell in a landslide. If you are very lucky you might see a whale or shark.

    By Lewis – Age 9

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