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Kids of Kiwi Camping!



June 2018

  • Every Summer we go camping at Totaranui. It’s a long journey from Christchurch!

    We swim, adventure, observe nature, kayak, walk, eat and make new friends. I like swimming in the lagoon and I like boogie boarding at the beach when there are waves.

    Weka are the cheeky fellas round there. Their favourite food is bugs but they like ham and bacon if they can steal it. They also like sneaking into our tent if we leave it open. Pukeko are are quite chatty in the morning and the eels are easy to spot in the stream.

    We go for lots of walks. Last time we went up Gibb’s Hill which was a breathtaking journey. The hill was steep and the view was exquisite. Anapai is another cool place to walk to. There are lots of cats eyes on the beach.

    Sometimes at night we walk into the bush with our headtorches then we turn them off and see bright and magical glow worms.

    I love Totaranui. It’s my favourite place in the whole world.

    By Francis – Age 7

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