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My Trip To Zealandia


April 2015

  • On Sunday February the 24th, I went to Zealandia in Wellington.

    I paid $99 for my family to become annual members. I first had to check in my bag if there were any pests and then I went to open the gate that protects native wildlife from pests.

    First I walked to the tower where the first lake was, then I went down the steps to the lake where the shags were nesting on a fallen pine tree. There were chicks that were making loud noises and begging for food. I went to see the two Takahe; they were green, dark blue and light blue.

    I walked 5 minutes and as I walked I saw a Tui and a Robin. I got to the eel pond and couldn't see any eels. We arrived at the feeding area where all of the feeders were and saw a Kaka feeding. I got very close – about one foot away from it.

    Then I walked to the Discovery area and as I went, I saw a Morepork – it flew away. At the Discovery area I saw Bellbirds, Tuis, and Stitchbirds feeding on the nectar feeders.

    Then I went up to the lookout and I saw the whole of Zealandia. I walked to another lookout and I saw a Robin. I got so close that it hopped on my hand, because I found some fruit and it was attracted by it.

    We walked up to the skyline fence and walked along for a minute and saw the whole of Wellington city and Zealandia. We walked back down and I saw 8 Geckos in their tank and some Tuataras in their tank. We arrived back to the building and went to the Zealandia exhibition – I saw a 4 metre high Moa and watched a movie of how pests and how humans arrived.

    Then we all went to the Rata Cafe, and then went home.

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