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Motuihe Island


May 2016

  • Wild Things Comp Winner – Autumn 2016

    Today was my first KCC trip. My dad and I went to Motuihe Island. The ferry was very choppy but I loved it. When we got there we went for a walk and someone found a special type of skink.

    Then we transferred lots of native seedlings into bigger pots. They have a planting group that has been planting since 2004 – they have planted over 400,000 plants. Before that the land was covered in feral cats, rabbits and other pests.

    After that we went for another walk and we saw tonnes of saddlebacks, some giant weta and a tuatara. We also saw a kiwi burrow. We had a swim, went back on the choppy ferry and took lots of photos. That was one of my favourite places I have ever been to and it was so amazing seeing a wild tuatara!

    Phoenix’s story was chosen of the winner of our KCC Your Outdoor Story competition in the Autumn issue of Wild Things Magazine. Well done, Phoenix!

    • Phoenix And His Seedling

      Phoenix And His Seedling

    • Tuatara at Motuihe Island

      Tuatara at Motuihe Island

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