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Banded Rail


June 2019

  • I chose to compare myself with a Banded Rail.

    Here are some facts why I chose it and why it is my favorite bird. 1.The Banded Rail is a medium sized, unique bird. 2.Its scientific name is Gallirallus Philippensis. 3.Banded Rails eat snails, insects, worms and spiders. They will also eat dead fish, seeds and fruits if they can find any. 4.The conversation status about the Banded Rails is at risk and declining/extinction. 5.Banded Rails live in The wetlands but ever since Europeans landed on New Zealand ,they have been clearing wetlands for agriculture, farming, factories and buildings.

    Another reason why I personally like the Banded Rails is that the Banded Rails aren’t the native New Zealand birds you normally hear of for example kiwi, kea, fantail.

    I hope that kids and adults learn more about the Banded Rails and help them.

    By Fiona, age 11.

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