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Community Kids of Kiwi Tubby the Tohora

Tubby the Tohora


November 2017

  • Wild Things Comp Winner – Spring 2017

    The Tohorā (Blue Whale: Balaenoptera musculus) is my fave aquatic animal because it is a gentle giant. It is the largest animal ever known… it’s as long as three buses, its heart is as big as a car and its tongue weighs the same as an elephant.

    Plus, they’re the loudest animals on the planet.

    I made this whale by cutting material and sewing it. Blue whales normally eat krill but this guy actually ate an old cushion!

    It was really hard to make because the stitching was tricky and he weighs 100 tonnes.

    I chose this blue fabric because I like the watery patterns on it.

    His name is Tubby because he over eats every meal.

    I have never seen a real whale but one day I’d like to go whale watching at Kaikoura.

    By Gabriel – Age 11

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