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Lump-backed Fred


September 2018

  • Fred the lump-backed baleen whale by Taman M’Ladenov and Grandma.

    We wanted to make a statement about too many plastic bottles in the world, and pollution in the ocean. A BIG statement, so Fred was “born”.

    Made from old boxes, plastic bottles, tape and some old cans of spray paint. His mouth is a re-purposed hearth brush, and his eyes are bottle bases.

    We also made some jellyfish from soft drink bottles (cut off the base and cut strips up the side to make the tentacles), which my grandma will use as bird scarers on her currant bushes in autumn. In the meantime, they are decorations.

    By Taman – Age 9

    • Fred the lump-backed baleen whale

      Fred the lump-backed baleen whale

    • Soft drink bottle jellyfish

      Soft drink bottle jellyfish

    • Fred, Taman, and Grandma

      Fred, Taman, and Grandma

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