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Kasey does the Heaphy Track


January 2018

  • As the 2017 Christmas holiday commenced, my family came to the decision to tramp a portion of the Heaphy Track.

    We drove from our Family Bach, Piwakawaka, in Carter’s Beach, to Kohaihai campsite, the first step to the Heaphy Hut. Here we stayed the night.

    In the morning we set off, pausing to have pictures taken by the DOC signage. Here we spotted the New Zealand bird of the year, the kea (otherwise known as Kasey, photo one).

    So over the hill to Scott’s Beach we lugged our packs. Here we met a stronghold of weka, which as you presumably guessed were first sighted when snacks were brought out.

    Next was Kaitipo Shelter, and Kasey was still with us (photo two). We joked (not that it was very hysterical) about how long to go. Onward we tramped, pausing on the beaches or on a swing bridge to take in the natural surrounds, until we reached the end of Heaphy Beach (five muesli bars later).

    Here was the longest part, seeing the one km sign, knowing "it’s just over this hill", but not being able to see it. Eventually we reached the hut, were about to throw down our packs, when we came to the realisation that there weren't enough bunks for all off us. After asking multiple people, we finally found a suitable room.

    We spent the next two days swimming, exploring, and swimming again. When we had stated our goodbyes to the hut, beach etc., we headed of to repeat the ventures of two days before. Not that it was boring for there was always something to see in the undergrowth, in the trees, on the beaches or in the sky.

    • Kasey is spotted at the Heaphy Track

      Kasey is spotted at the Heaphy Track

    • Kasey tags along to Katipo Shelter

      Kasey tags along to Katipo Shelter

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