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Lio & Jan

December 2014

  • Lio & Jan, pronounced ‘Yarn’, are two young Belgian travellers (yep, the country that gave us the world’s best chocolate), who escaped their bitter cold European winter in exchange for our awesome New Zealand summer!

    Here at Kiwi Camping, we thought...what better way to put our products to the test in the country and conditions they’re designed for, than to give a bunch of them to Lio and Jan to use along the way. A tent to sleep and live in. Some cooking gear so they can experience the joys of BBQing (in a climate that lets you!). A couple of top quality sleeping bags, some camping furniture and a few useful tips to help them make the best of it all.

    And after purchasing that classic, budget campervan to pack it all into, they hit the road to experience the best of Aotearoa!

    We even let you call the shots!

    On their journey, Lio and Jan completed a bunch of iconically kiwi challenges along the way. Some of the challenges were:

    • Spot (and photograph) a tui, a kaka and a kereru
    • Eat a hokey pokey ice cream
    • Meet a famous kiwi (Sonny Bill)
    • Visit the northern most point of NZ
    • Visit the southern most point of NZ
    • mBungy jump
    • Whale watching
    • Eat a mutton bird
    • Milk a cow by hand
    • Check out their blog for the warts-and-all videos and stories from their amazing kiwi adventure!


    • Lio & Jan

      Lio & Jan

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