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Arthurs Pass


June 2018

  • My favourite place in New Zealand is Arthurs Pass because of the mountains, native alpine forest and wildlife.

    Arthurs Pass has a mountain view from anywhere you look. In the winter Arthurs pass is the best because of all the pristine white snow. When you look around you at the mountains the native bush is covered in white snow waiting for spring.

    The native alpine forest is incredible with the ferns, beech trees and lots more native habitats for our unique animals.

    Arthurs pass has a diverse group of wildlife from keas, and kiwi, blue duck, and weka to lizards and skinks.

    Arthurs Pass is a special New Zealand place with native alpine forests, extraordinary animals and a great small town. That’s why Arthurs Pass is my favourite place in New Zealand.

    By Jasmine – Age 12

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