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Wharfdale Hut


May 2016

  • On a lovely day my dad and I set off for Wharfdale hut with heavy loads. There was all sorts of terrain, right from parts where the path was so narrow that you had to cling onto weeds if you didn't want to fall, right to parts where 2 people could fit comfortably.

    Most of the walk was shaded by Beech trees with undergrowth of ferns and moss of lots of different shades of green. We enjoyed licking sugar water from the Beech trees – surprisingly there weren't many bees or wasps around.

    When we got to the hut we set up and went down to the stream to cook dinner. Sand flies thought that the hut was the perfect place, and didn't seem to have any mercy on us.

    The next morning we stopped at a hidden waterfall along the way. It was a great tramp that you should try.

    • Anna and Dad

      Anna and Dad

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