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Kids of Kiwi Camping!
Community Kids of Kiwi Lake Rotora

Lake Rotora


April 2015

  • One day we drove to Lake Rotora with our friends. And they towed their boat behind them. We had a great trip there over the lake on our friends boat. We camped at Durville Hutt for two nights.

    After unpacking we watched the eels off the end of the jetty. We poked sticks in the water and the eels came slowly up to our sticks. While we were there we were bitten by sand flies.

    Max, the pig hunter who was at the hut already took us out on the lake in his inflatable mini boat. While beach-combing we found a dead rat and dead possums. We used sticks to feed the possums to the eels.

    We saw lots of fantails there and a big Weka freaked mum out. She thought it was a deer rustling the bush behind the long drop toilet.

    • Eels


    • The Hut

      The Hut

    • Feeding The Eels

      Feeding The Eels

    • The Lake

      The Lake

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