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May 2016

  • Over Easter we went biking with our friends Eli and Max near Rotorua. Eli is 8 and Max is 3. I went biking with Eli and his dad. We went biking on a REALLY hard track. It was VERY steep. We went on an extra bumpy track.

    After we had finished the bike ride (which was about 2 ½ hours) we went to the ice cream shop and got a trumpet each. Sylvia and Max arrived half an hour later.

    The next day we went biking near Lake Tikitapu. We went on a track with two fallen-down-trees. There were also lots of rocks it was REALLY FUN! The end.

    • Elsie And Eli

      Elsie And Eli

    • Biking In The Bush

      Biking In The Bush

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