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Kids of Kiwi Camping!



June 2019

  • This is my Grandparent’s Kauri tree. We are living with them at the moment. The Kauri tree is roughly 10m tall and about 15 years old. I am 10 years old, and I am 1.4 m tall. My favourite tree is actually the Kauri tree. I’m planning to help Kauri trees as much as I can because they are my favourite tree. The main reason that I’m trying to win this competition is because I love camping and when I’m old enough I’m planning to walk to the Pinnacles track in Coromandel and camp there with my family. I thought it would be cool to choose a Kauri tree to measure myself against, and besides you can’t necessarily find an animal taller than yourself and take a photo.

    By Claire Age 10

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