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Marvelous Makara


June 2018

  • Wild Things Comp Winner – Winter 2018.

    Makara is on Wellington’s northwest coast. My favourite place is Makara because it’s a rocky beach and you can find lots of shells and rock pools with crabs, fish and lots of sea creatures.

    I like it because, how I see it, it’s like a jungle. I like to imagine the sea creatures are my friends, only they live in the sea. I imagine the rocks are boulders and I climb over them. The sea looks dazzling on good days. It shimmers in the sun and it sounds as good as it looks.

    After stormy days and nights, the beach is so interesting. Seaweed is all over the beach and the tide is out. It’s so peaceful and more fun to explore.  There is a lot of beautiful driftwood that washes in with the waves.

    (This is me at Makara in the summer and in the winter.)

    By Hope – Age 8

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