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Community Kids of Kiwi 'Flew' the lady bug

'Flew' the lady bug

Lily, Larni & Belle

March 2019

  • Well it all started when our amazing teacher Mrs Pease let us find small creatures for your competition.

    We found a spider underneath a rock and we made it a home out of sticks and leaves in a box. But we didn't know a steel blue lady bug was on a stick that we put in the box. Luckily we got a photo of him, but sadly he flew away in our classroom so we decided to call him Flew.

    He was a shiny blue color when he was beside the window and had 6 black legs. We searched up information about him too. This is what we found out: They eat white flies and free-living gall mites. Its Scientific name is halmus chalybeus.

    By Tilly, Larni & Bella – Age 9

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