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Waihi Waterfall


July 2015

  • Wild Things Comp Winner – Winter 2015

    We decided to visit the Waihi waterfall near Dannevirke. It was a very hot day, so we grabbed our togs.

    It wasn't a very long walk, and it was mostly downhill.

    We saw Tui, Kereru and the odd fantail on the way.

    We could hear the waterfall before we could see it. When we first saw it, we were all amazed at how big it was!

    We walked to pool at the bottom. The water had beautiful ripples and it was so loud! We got to swim in the icy water, and I was freaked out by an curious Eel swimming around the edge.

    We swam out to the waterfall, and climbed up onto the rocks behind the falling water. It was deafening.

    We climbed up a little, and jumped off into the deep water. Mum had checked it was safe first though.

    • Waihi Waterfall

      Waihi Waterfall

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      Family Fun

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