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Got a question? Listed below are some of the more frequently asked questions about Kiwi Camping products. If you can’t find an answer to your query, contact us on 0800 161 161 or send us a message here: contact us.

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  • Why is the stated waterproof rating of my tent on the website higher than on the packaging?

    Higher waterproof ratings
    This season we retested the waterproof ratings on our polyester tents and camping shelters, as we believed that they were performing better than we thought... and they were!

    We are pleased to announce that all previous model Keas, Takahes, Savannas and Falcons are all the same waterproof rating as our new 2020 models! Please refer to the table below to find your tent and confirm its true waterproof rating.

    Has the fabric changed?
    We have not made any changes to the fabrics waterproof coating but have simply retested them.

    How does the testing work?
    This testing is done using a hydrostatic water test. Waterproof ratings indicate the amount of water pressure fabric can stand before it begins to leak.

    Why does the packaging on my tent still have the old rating?
    Re-testing was done in January 2020. Tents packaged prior to this date will have the original waterproof rating on the packaging, but rest assured, if you have purchased one of the tents listed above, it has the same waterproof coating as the 2020 tents and will achieve the updated waterproof rating.

    If you have any questions please contact us or see your local Kiwi Camping retailer.