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  • We often get asked what tent you should start with when you first get into camping as a single camper and/or small group. So we've decided to compare our Kiwi Camping Weka 3 Hiker Tent and Kiwi Camping Morepork 1 Single Swag.

    These tents are similar in size but very different, but they work well for different kinds of camping adventures and purposes. So, how do they compare, and why would you opt for one over the other? Let us explain below!

  • Weka 3 Hiker Tent

    The Weka 3 Hiker Tent offers a combination of lightweight design and compactness, making it an excellent choice for campers who need to trek or hike to their camping spot, where vehicles cannot reach easily.

    If you prioritize minimizing pack weight and size while also seeking in-tent comfort, the Weka tent is worth considering. Despite its compact and lightweight nature, this tent provides ample space inside, ensuring you have plenty of room to relax and unwind.

    Weka 3 Hiker Tent

    Weka 3 Hiker Tent

  • Morepork 1 Single Swag

    The Morepork 1 Single Swag offers a smaller size compared to the Weka 3 is heavier, weighing 8.4kg instead of 3.4kg. This particular tent design is well-suited for campers who drive to their campsite and prefer an easy-to-pitch option.

    Not only does the Morepork 1 Swag provide convenience, but it also ensures warmth and coziness even in extremely cold temperatures. It is an excellent choice for individuals who wish to immerse themselves in nature, sleeping close to the ground and under the stars, as it provides a genuine bush camping experience.

    Morepork 1 Single Swag

    Morepork 1 Single Swag

  • Weka Features

    The Weka 3 features a practical vestibule that allows for convenient storage of camping and hiking equipment, such as wet weather gear and boots. This enables you to maximize the space inside the tent and keep your belongings organized.

    Compared to the Morepork, the Weka 3 offers more internal room, providing a less claustrophobic sleeping experience. Additionally, the tent is equipped with bug-proof mesh, making it suitable for camping in areas of New Zealand where bugs and mosquitoes are prevalent.

    For a complete camping setup, our Rover Lite Self-inflating 3cm Mattresses complement the Weka tent perfectly. These mattresses not only provide extra comfort but also offer insulation for colder adventures, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable sleeping experience.

  • Morepork Single Swag Features

    The Morepork Single Swag is made with strong 320g polycotton ripstop walls and a heavy-duty 400g PVC floor. Its convenient entrance unzips, allowing easy access and the ability to flip it back.

    Inside the swag, there's storage space by your feet, and a comfortable mattress is included. While it may not suit those who feel claustrophobic, it offers a snug and authentic experience, perfect for sleeping under the stars or connecting with nature.

    You can pitch the Morepork Swag on the ground or on a stretcher. For touring adventures, it pairs well with the Tuatara 270-Degree 2M Awning, providing dry shelter.