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Weka 3 Hiker Tent

RRP $399.00


Single room with double vestibule. Comes with compression bag to pack down small and can be split into 3 bags; fly, inner, poles/pegs for lightweight hiking.

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The basics – Weka 3

  • 75D, 185T polyester fly with breathable inner
  • Aluminium poles and tri-pegging system
  • 4000mm double-coated aqua rating with fire retardant and SPF50 UV coating
  • 4000mm aqua rated poly-oxford floor
  • Roof loft door storage
  • Speed clips and colour coded frame for easy assembly
  • Double entrance
3 year warranty
Weka 3 Hiker Tent plan view Weka 3 Hiker Tent cross section view
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  • 75 denier fabric Strong, durable 75D polyester with a polyurethane (PU) waterproof coating. This fabric has superior tensile strength and is 8 times more durable than nylon. Our 75D fabric won’t stretch or sag when wet like other materials do and is a heavier quality than comparable fabrics.
  • 4000mm aqua rated This fabric will withstand a 4000mm (4 metre) solid column of water for more than 1 minute before a single drop might appear through the fabric. New Zealand’s highest 24-hour rainfall was 758mm - so we’ve got you covered! We also double-coat our waterproof PU coating for even better coverage and performance.
  • Seam sealed The seams of your dome tent or shelter are the most vulnerable for water leakage. We use a custom-developed method of heat-sealing tape over the seams to maintain waterproofing, resulting in maximum protection against the elements at all points.
  • Double stitched seams Lap felled seam construction (doubling seams around on each other) with double stitching ensures maximum strength around the seams of your tent.
  • UV protection For added safety and comfort the fabric has UPF 50+UV protection.
  • Fire retardant The fabric has also been treated with a fire retardant solution. Even with this protection, ensure you take particular care around heat and flames. Avoid using open flame, heating or cooking appliances in or around your tent.
  • Aluminium poles Our Powerflex aluminium poles are the largest diameter pole possible, relative to the size of the tent. This ensures you get maximum strength at minimum weight. They are also coloured to match the coloured pole sleeves. These are teamed up with lightweight high-strength aluminium 'V' hiker pegs.
  • Pin and ring pole attachment Quick and easy pole assembly and dismantling system.
  • Guy rope attachment This guy rope attachment spreads the tension evenly and pulls from the frame giving more support.
  • Quality zips, ropes and poles All our tents use heavy-duty coil zips, guy ropes and poles so you can be assured your tent will last for many years of exciting family camping holidays.
  • Tri-tensioners We use triangle-shaped guy rope tensioners rather than in-line tensioners to ensure the ropes do not slip.
  • Speed-Clips Fast and efficient for erecting the tent. Flexibility allows for movement in windy conditions.
  • No-see-um mesh Even small bugs can't get through our no-see-um-mesh. Enjoy insect free living with ample air circulation.
  • Accessory pockets Accessory pockets provide handy storage for smaller items and valuables.
  • Door storage pockets Clean and neat storage for the doors when they are fully zipped open.
  • Lantern hanging points Conveniently located tabs to hang LED lanterns.
  • Size: 320 x 215 (cm)
  • Vestibule: 210 x 70 (cm)
  • Floor Area: 3.8m²
  • Packed Size: 48 W x 15 H x 15 D (cm)
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Best within its category Jan & Lio

    We have been camping for as long as we can remember. Hence we’ve got quite a lot of experience in pitching tents. We’ve pitched dome tents, A- frame tents and canvas tents from a lot of different brands but I have never pitched a tent so easily as the Weka 3 hiker tent. I honestly believe it’s the best within its category. We’ve used it every time we did a multiday walk and it’s so light you won’t even know it’s in your backpack. Just 2,9 kg’s for a tent that sleeps 3 is incredibly light. Now you’re thinking: “If it’s just Lio and Jan, why do they need a three- person tent?” It’s because the extra space comes in handy when you’ve got two large packs to store. There is room for it in the two vestibules, but we just prefer to keep them dry. The first time we used it, we didn’t take the bag. When we were about to pitch it, we realized the bag had all the instructions on it. It didn’t prove to be a problem as the whole thing speaks for itself. Everything is colour coded and it’s not exactly rocket science either. The inner tent is attached to the poles with clip-ons so you don’t have to slide the poles through a narrow sleeve with the risk of poking holes in it. It probably only took us about 5 minutes from start to finish. The tent has two entrances and two awnings so you can come and go regardless of the weather direction. The thing I liked most about this tent is that you can attach the poles to the fly as well. It’s always so difficult pitching a tent where the seams of the fly are exactly on top of the poles. With this design it’s possible and very easy. An honest review will tell people about both the good and the bad stuff of a product. I’ve been thinking long and hard about any negative aspect of this tent but I can’t think of one. This is exactly what I’m looking for in a tent. It’s light, spacious, easy to pitch, has a cool design and so on. If I could only have one product from the Kiwi Camping range, I would go for the Weka 3 hiker tent! Before we forget, it folds up pretty small as well. Kind of the size of a real weka. See for yourself. ;-)
  • Great product. Great tent. Ray Hull

    “Extreme Gail force winds… torrential rain. 5 days of pelting, couldn’t believe the tent survived …. 100% waterproof. Great product. Great tent”
  • Awesome tent! Dave

    A well built and sturdy tent for a very affordable price! We are very happy with it. The little extras like the clip on fly and numerous internal pockets make life a lot easier. The 3 pole system makes for a very roomy and robust design. Only downside is that all up it weighs a little more than advertised (ours weighed in at 3.5kg, all things included). The plus side of this though is that the materials should last a long time, they feel tough and of good quality. All in all, highly recommended.
  • Weka 3 - Awesome Mapguy Steve

    I'm so pleased I chose the weka3, this tent is awesome and has all the features of a tent twice the price. Good work Kiwi Camping!
  • The tent that survived Camp Adair flooding! Kate

    What an amazing little tent. We bought it for our 3 girls (10-16 years) for the Whanganui River journey. It survived several wet nights, dried out quickly in sub -optimal conditions, packed up easily and was compact. However this tent was truly put through tbe most extreme of tests whilst camping at Camp Adair when the 1 in 100 year flood came through. It poured (3 months rain in 12 hours), but tent did not leak. I had to abandon the tent when river started flowing through mesh door. We were evacuated when water was above height of tent. I didn't expect to see it again. But I returned the next day to find tent in tact, but very muddy. Incredible!Sadly I think the inches of mud inside may mean tent unsalvagable. I cannot rave more highly about this tent. Tough little tent for a highly competitive price. Well done kiwi camping. I'll be buying a replacement.
  • Extremely durable Isla

    Our weka tent has lasted us several years and is still going strong. It was taken on a camp that flooded, after the flood, which covered the tent completely, the Weka 3 was still standing and there was a green mark of grass on the field of mud around it. We washed the tent and it is in perfect condition for use still. Five stars!
  • A great, light all weather tent Joe & Jesse

    We have spent so much time in this tent over the last few months, travelling NZ & Tasmania during the colder months of the year and can vouch for its resilience & function. Assembly is fast and easy, our personal best was around 4 minutes on a rainy night in the west coast! Even when put away wet and re-pitched the next night we found the inside of the tent dry, while exterior parts would dry quickly once up. The dual entry points and multiple options for the opening the tent up in different directions worked well, although a few extra pegs would have been helpful, we found them easy to leave behind because they blended in with the flora and fauna a bit. Torrential rain, heavy frost & snow didn't deter this shelter and its a very large tent for its light weight. Highly recommend!

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