How to fix a ripped tent

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  • Don't let a ripped tent ruin your next camping trip! With the help of Tear-Aid, patching up your tent is easy and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps, and you'll be back to enjoying the great outdoors in no time.

    Tear-Aid is a versatile repair patch that can fix holes and tears on various surfaces. It's easy to use, just peel and stick. The patch is see-through and works with all colours, and it's water and airtight even when stretched. It can conform to irregular surfaces and easily cut to any size. It also won't turn gummy in high heat. It has 90% adhesive strength immediately after application and 100% adhesive strength one hour after application, making it a perfect solution for outdoor and indoor equipment repair kits.

    There are two types of Tear Aid, type A and type B. Each is designed to be used on different fabrics. See below which fabrics both types can be used on before repairing the rip in your tent, shelter, umbrella, inflatable furniture and other items.

    1. Identify the Tear Aid you need (A or B)
    2. Pitch your tent on a fine day or in a suitable space.
    3. Carefully peel the plastic away from the strip, placing it above the rip before peeling the remainder of the strip onto the tent fabric. Press down firmly or use your hand on the back of the rip to leverage.
    4. Repeat on the reverse side of the tear, lining the strips up so they are pressed together, completely covering the tear in the fabric.
    5. Wait one hour for the tear aid to reach 100% adhesive strength.
  • Tear Aid Type A

    Can be used on

    Airtex / Acrylate, Auto Convertible Tops, Awings & RV Awnings Backpacks, Banners / Ballistic Nylon, Bladders, Boots / Butyl Camping Repairs, Canvas Sails, Cordura / Cotton Dacron / Domes Fibreglass, Fishing Waders Gore-Tex, Glass Horse Blankets / Rugs, Hydra-Tex, Hypalon / Icarex Inflatable Furniture & Toys Kites Leather / Lycra / Mylar Neoprene / Nylon PE Party Tents, Plastic / Sails / Toys / Water Toys, Polyamide / Polyester, Polyethene / Polyurethane, Pond Foils, EPDM / PE / HDPE / LDPE / FPP, Portable Shelters Rain Coats / Gear / Rubber, Scuba Wetsuits & Drysuits, Seats, Ski Suits, Sleeping Bags, Surfboards Tarps, Tents, Trailer Windows, Tubes Umbrellas and Zodiacs

  • Tear Aid Type B

    Can be used on

    Advertising Balloons, Vinyl Air Mattresses, Aqua Bubbles Vinyl Banners, Belly Boats PVC, Bicycle/Motorbike/Scooter Seats, Bisonyl, Boat Covers, Tops & Seats, Bottles / Tanks / Containers Camping Repairs, Convertible Windows, Dashboards, Fenders, Floaters Inflatable Boats, Jump Cushions Life Jackets, Mud Skirts, PVC Party Tents, Portable Shelters, Protected Clothing, Hoses, Pond Foil, Tubes, Water Toys, Sails, Sporting Equipment, PVC Storage Tarps, Swimming Pools PVC Tarps, Tent / Boat Windows, Truck Covers & Tarps Vinyl Windows, Waterbeds, Vinyl Watertoys