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  • Every year from late March through to April, Hunters across New Zealand gear up for the 'ROAR' season. An exciting time of year when stags roam the hills calling for the attention of hinds with a mighty roar. For those who are keen hunters, there is much time spent preparing gear, safety precautions, travel, and of course, the all-important refreshments.

    Having the best equipment means a safe and exhilarating hunting trip, and there's no reason why hunting shouldn't be comfortable. If you go out into the deer filled valleys and remote parts of NZ during this ROAR season, kiwi camping wants to be by your side, enabling you the best hunting trip yet.

  • Lighting

    Any hunter will know that good lighting and being able to charge devices is absolutely essential when out in the bush. From head torches to lights around base camp, being able to see what you're doing and keep your devices running is a must.

    Our Boost LED Light with Powerbank is a hunter's best friend. Trust us when we say this light is super powerful, with up to 1000 lumens of light and 11 different light modes. Most importantly, the Boost has an SOS red mode if the unimaginable happens and you find yourself in an emergency.

    Need to charge your Garmin in the bush? If you have a new, USB rechargeable Garmin, plug it into the Boost LED and it will completely recharge.

    Use the carabiner hanging hook to attach to your clothing when out at night using the white light to see, and switch it to the warm light once you're back at base camp for ideal evening light.

  • Tent Flies

    ROAR essentials are adaptable and agile camping products so that you and your mates are always ready to fire the shot. Roll and pack our tent flies into any 80L backpack with plenty of spare space. These flies are all waterproof, making them perfect as a source of cover from the rain and sun. Tent flies are an excellent waterproof cover when wrapped around any bag or backpack. You can also use the tent fly as a temporary source of shade and rain covering for shoes, clothing, essential tech equipment or even to create a temporary campsite.

  • Stay Hydrated and full

    Coming home with plenty of meat can be determined by the energy levels of the hunter. It is vitally important to stay fed and hydrated at all times. Our water carriers can be folded flat when not in use and come with a convenient carry handle for when it is filled with water. Available in 10L and 20L sizes depending on the amount of water you need on your trip.

    Lightweight butane or LPG stoves are small in stature so take up little space for great reward. Some have a piezo ignition, meaning you can ignite them in almost all weather conditions. As they perform well in cold climates, they can also be the saving grace to help kick start that campfire. We recommend our Turbo Butane Stove & Pot Set as a lightweight set that collapses down into a mesh carry bag for easy portability.

    Once the fire is up and running, our foldable toaster and gauze toaster is a quick and easy way to replenish lost energy whilst you dry your clothes on our elastic clothesline. You'll never complain about folding clothes with a backdrop of backcountry NZ.

  • Lightweight Campware

    Lightweight cutlery sets and our enamel range means you can eat on your terms. Enamel bowls allow for food on the go and are another lightweight essential to have in your pack. We can't list important camping items without including a kettle or pot. Our collapsible turbo pot allows you to boil water wherever you are, without taking up unnecessary room in your pack. Combine this with the stainless steel mug that can be clipped onto any bag using its carabiner handle and our range of water carriers; a hot tea or coffee will only ever be minutes away.

  • Bedding

    If you are hunting during the day and have booked accommodation for the night, ensure you have everything needed for a good night's sleep. Proficient lighting solutions and bedding options are always a must-have item. Make sure to check any bedding and lighting before going on your trip so that there are no air leaks in an air mattress or any faulty wires, batteries and bulbs in any lighting solutions. You want to see when rising early to ensure a full day's hunting.

    For those hunters that want to set up camp in the backcountry, make sure to be extra vigilant when packing. Self-inflating mattresses are a lightweight option for ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. Our heaviest and comfiest mattress, the intrepid, weighs only 1.3kg; having to carry an extra 1.3 kilograms is justified when having a good night's sleep. Our more lightweight options such as the Intrepid Lite weighing only 630grams and our Rover Lite weighing at only 900grams provide comfy but light options for when pack weight is a key consideration.

  • Touring Options

    Keen hunters often rely on their vehicles, so what better way than to have a tent on the roof. By having the ability to be put up in minutes and easily installed on the most common sets of roof racks, our touring range can turn the most reliable of off-road vehicles into even more reliable campsites. Set up our side awnings to have added shelter from wind and rain and enjoy a good hot soak with our shower tent to refresh yourself after a long day's hunting. A well set up base camp like this is 5-star ROAR accommodation in our books.