A Kiwi Camping Guide to Glamping

Nail Your Setup

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  • Glamping has become hugely popular in the last few years, and with the endless setup possibilities, it's no wonder why! From king-sized beds to wood-burners and built-in kitchens, being closer to nature with the creature comforts of home, and then some, has kiwis captivated.

    Glamping, which means glamourous camping, is a more luxurious way to enjoy the outdoors by combining camping with the creature comforts of home. New Zealand has always had a strong love for camping, and our stunning scenes from North to South make the perfect backdrop for staying in the outdoors.

    New Zealand now has numerous glamping options and getaways, from rustic style teepee's to extravagant setups that often come with a hefty price tag. So how can you create your ultimate glamping setup? See our guide below on how to execute a plush but practical setup.

  • What You'll Need - A Glamping Tent

    Start with our Bellbird Tent specifically designed for glamping getaways or festivals. The large internal space and height allows you to fully stand up and move around in the tent alongside bedding and furniture.

    From the experience of our team, this tent is incredibly easy to pitch, the main centre pole props up the entire tent for you to then assemble the front A-frame. Whether you're a seasoned camper or it's your first experience with pitching, you won't go wrong with this tent.

  • Comfy Bedding

    A good night's sleep can literally make or break your camping experience. One of the pros of glamping is the internal room for a larger and higher bed to keep you comfy and further away from the ground.

    For this, you'll need our Wayfarer Queen Air Bed and a power source to operate the built-in 220-240V in-built pump and voila, in 3-minutes your comfy glamping bed awaits.

    But don't forget! You'll need pillows and plenty. Make sure you bring appropriate bedding options for the season you're camping in. We recommend some sheets, a duvet and blankets.

  • Furniture For Inside

    An important aspect of nailing a good glamping set-up is having the right furniture to store your gear that don't take up excessive room in your tent. You'll need space-saving cupboards, plenty of storage areas for valuables and food and somewhere to sit.

    The Kiwi Camping Bi-Fold Table with Pantry is perfect for this! Not only is it a good-sized camping table with an easy to clean tabletop and adjustable legs, but it comes with a nifty pantry insert for food and storage of supplies. Simply fold out the table, attach and secure the pantry, insert the pantry slides and you're done. It also has storage pockets at end of the pantry. You'll be surprised with how much you can fit in!

    You'll also need our Lush Chair for somewhere to sit, read a book, enjoy the morning view with a coffee or WFM! The lush is well...lush. A wide-seat chair with padded fabric for the ultimate relaxation. once you sit down you'll find it hard to get back up.

    A basket is also handy for the storage of large gear, towels and extra blankets for those chilly nights. We used a simple lightweight cane basket and placed this by the door.

  • Lights!

    The Kiwi Camping Bellbird has a handy hanging hook on the central pole. Use this to hang suitable lights to illuminate your tent at night. Or, if you want a true glamping vibe, source some inexpensive fairy lights and string them around the centre pole and A-frame as pictured here.

    We used our Boost LED with Power Bank and 5 Elements Lantern with Power Bank.

  • Outside Set-Up

    Your outside set-up is as important as the inside. Make sure you have camping mats and/or rugs for inside and outside the tent for a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. After we're recreating the creature comforts of home!

    It's morning, the sun is starting to rise and it's time for a coffee. Get your Kiwi Camping Whistling Kettle and fill it with water from our 22L Water Carrier. Fire up our 2 Burner Deluxe LPG Stove and sit back, relax until you hear the kettle whistling.

    In the meantime, get your plunger ready for your caffeine of choice on the top of the 6 Tier Pantry. It's a workspace, bench and storage unit all in one that packs down into a carry bag - a versatile unit that was perfect for our trip!

    Once you've let your coffee steep, pour it into one Kiwi Camping Thermo Tumblers to keep it nice and hot. Now with a matte finish, they're easy to grip and the rubber-sealed lid makes them ideal for when you're on the go. Great for hot and cold beverages alike!

    Lastly, if you're heading out for the day or are simply going down to the beach, a Trolley will quickly become your best friend.