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Bellbird Tent

RRP $499.00


A modern interpretation of the classic 'teepee' style tent. Quick and easy to pitch with one central pole, the Bellbird is an awesome glamping tent with plenty of space and comfort inside.

The basics – Bellbird Tent

  • The 'Shade Coat' fly absorbs the heat from the sun during the day and keeps the warmth in at night
  • 300D polyester roof and 150D polyester sidewalls with heavy-duty PE floor
  • 1 Room: Multi-purpose space
  • 1 Entrance: Gable shaped for easy access
  • 2000mm double-coated aqua rating with fire retardant and SPF50 UV coating
  • 5 air ventilation ports
  • Bug screened doors
  • Accessory pockets and power cord entry
2 year warranty
Bellbird Tent plan view Bellbird Tent cross section view
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Shade coat ‘Shade coat’ polyester fly absorbs heat from the sun during the day and keeps the warmth in at night.
  • 2000mm aqua rated This fabric will withstand a 2000mm (2 metre) solid column of water for more than 1 minute before a single drop might appear through the fabric. New Zealand’s highest 24-hour rainfall was 758mm - so we’ve got you covered! We also double-coat our waterproof PU coating for even better coverage and performance.
  • UV protection For added safety and comfort the fabric has UPF 50+UV protection.
  • Fire retardant The fabric has also been treated with a fire retardant solution. Even with this protection, ensure you take particular care around heat and flames. Avoid using open flame, heating or cooking appliances in or around your tent.
  • Airflow system In NZ the temperature variance from day to night can be extreme. With this in mind we include vents that are positioned to provide the greatest air flow through the tent during the day. At night they can be closed to contain valuable warmth.
  • Accessory pockets Accessory pockets provide handy storage for smaller items and valuables.
  • Power cord entry Power cord entry makes it easy to plug in appliances or charge your phone when on a powered tent site.
  • Size: 400 x 400 (cm)
  • Floor Area: 16m²
  • Packed size: 78 W x 30 W x 25 D (cm)
  • Weight: 11.1kg
  • Love this tent, 10/10 Daejha

    Bought this tent for our first family get away, I grew up camping and love the idea of it. It’s become a family tradition for us, bought this in 2022 for new years and has done us well. Takes 15mins to put up on my own and the same amount of time to take it down on my own. Really easy to put it up once you get the hang of it and the instructions are pretty straight forward. Although it can get quite hot as there are no windows and it’s a dark colour it still has great fly screen doors that get a good amount of airflow in. I can fit a queen airbed in easy and is really spacious. It’s my luxury tent and it always feels like I’m glamping. Love it and would get it again
    Thank you for your review Daejha! We hope you continue to have many more wonderful camping adventures in your Bellbird :)

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