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Home away from home!

Greg Scully

January 2020

  • The Scully, Tilley, DeBruin, Eagles & Marshall Families hit Hahei!


    Greg Scully sent in this awesome message and we just had to share their great set up with you all.

    "We wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for the awesome camping products you create!

    My wife and I turned up to the Hahei Holiday Resort 4 years ago with a brand new Takahe 15 and Savanna 4 Deluxe shelter and since then we are PROUD to have shared our home away from home with the friends and family’s we have met along the way.

    Since that fateful day we have seen our ‘Street’ in Paradise transformed to a Kiwi Camping showcase with a progression of Kiwi Camping upgrades from the mix and match patchwork it started out as.

    The latest acquisition has been a third Savanna between the Scully and de Bruin family Takahe 15’s which has resulted in the nickname ‘the Taj’ (Mahal) and has been an amazing hub for all these families to come together in the evenings for fun, food and family.

    We had a lovely old man come past us last night and point out that he had been coming to Hahei Camp Ground for 40 years and that it was the best set up he had seen in 40 years and that if he was still up for the camping experience he would absolutely go out and purchase a copy of our set up for the same experience!

    It's our ‘pride and joy’ and we look forward to each and every time we break out our home away from home. The quality has been excellent and we will continue to buy, use and promote your products as the true kiwi camping experience!

    Our next camping camping holiday is at Easter time in Taupo and we are already planning on how to expanding our ‘community hall’ to increase its size to accompany two more families who are both considering their renting options!


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