Jan & Lio

Summer 2014/15

Jan & Lio

Weka 3 Hiker Tent

Jan & Lio

February 2015

  • We have been camping for as long as we can remember. Hence we’ve got quite a lot of experience in pitching tents. We’ve pitched dome tents, A- frame tents and canvas tents from a lot of different brands but I have never pitched a tent so easily as the Weka 3 hiker tent. I honestly believe it’s the best within its category.

    We’ve used it every time we did a multiday walk and it’s so light you won’t even know it’s in your backpack. Just 2,9 kg’s for a tent that sleeps 3 is incredibly light. Now you’re thinking: “If it’s just Lio and Jan, why do they need a three- person tent?” It’s because the extra space comes in handy when you’ve got two large packs to store. There is room for it in the two vestibules, but we just prefer to keep them dry.

    The first time we used it, we didn’t take the bag. When we were about to pitch it, we realized the bag had all the instructions on it. It didn’t prove to be a problem as the whole thing speaks for itself. Everything is colour coded and it’s not exactly rocket science either. The inner tent is attached to the poles with clip-ons so you don’t have to slide the poles through a narrow sleeve with the risk of poking holes in it. It probably only took us about 5 minutes from start to finish. The tent has two entrances and two awnings so you can come and go regardless of the weather direction.

    The thing I liked most about this tent is that you can attach the poles to the fly as well. It’s always so difficult pitching a tent where the seams of the fly are exactly on top of the poles. With this design it’s possible and very easy.

    An honest review will tell people about both the good and the bad stuff of a product. I’ve been thinking long and hard about any negative aspect of this tent but I can’t think of one. This is exactly what I’m looking for in a tent. It’s light, spacious, easy to pitch, has a cool design and so on. If I could only have one product from the Kiwi Camping range, I would go for the Weka 3 hiker tent!

    Before we forget, it folds up pretty small as well. Kind of the size of a real weka. See for yourself. ;-)