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    Kiwi Camping was set up in 1987, in a small garage in Hamilton, New Zealand by a no-nonsense Kiwi named Alan.

    Lover of the great Kiwi outdoors, Alan figured there was a demand for a range of tents and accessories designed for New Zealand’s unique landscape and often challenging conditions.

    He was right! At that time, canvas tents and furniture were a staple in any self-respecting Kiwis station wagon, and in the subsequent years, Kiwi Camping became recognised as one of the most trusted outdoor brands in New Zealand.

    Kiwi Camping

    Kiwi Camping tents were exported to Australia and beyond. Their reputation for resilience to weather conditions and near legendary lifespan made it the tent of choice in campsites around New Zealand. Building on our reputation for reliability, Range Rover chose The Touring Tent for their 50th World Tour, and The Scouts even bought around 60 tents for their Jamborees.

    Kiwi Camping

    A keen understanding of the challenges and a willingness to listen to our customers, saw us go on to produce a range of family tents that have dominated the New Zealand camping landscape for over 30 years.

    In 2012, Kiwi Camping was sold to a new generation of camping fanatics. Like many New Zealanders, Gregg and Suzanne Brown, had enjoyed a long and happy association with Kiwi Camping. For starters, they’d had many memorable family holidays in Kiwi Camping tents themselves, using a range of their products over the years.

    Kiwi Camping

    With a healthy network of alliances in the industry and personal track-records as seasoned campers (a few rock festivals in their teens, an impoverished O.E. in the 80s and more recently, many years of hauling their young family around the campsites of the north island), Gregg and Suzanne saw it as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to turn Kiwi Camping into the foremost camping brand in New Zealand.

    Just the start! Since then, we’ve built an incredible team of innovators and passionate campers. We go on overseas missions to uncover the next best innovation, technology and trend, and then bring that knowledge back to apply to our unique climate and surrounds.

    Kiwi Camping

    We’ve also cranked up our commitment to the outdoors, pledging our financial, physical and emotional support to the Perry Outdoor Education Trust, and by sponsoring community initiatives.

    After 30+ years, at its core Kiwi Camping is still the same. It’s about you, your memories, the quality time you have with your family and our products. It’s about getting you out there to enjoy the most incredible country in the world, in the best quality tent we can produce.

    We’d love to hear your stories, see your pictures and talk about what you’d like to improve with our products, so get in touch, leave a review or Instagram a pic @kiwicamping. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and sign up to our newsletter!

    Join the family at Kiwi Camping, you’ll be glad you did!

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