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Tear-Aid Repair Kit (A)

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Tear-Aid Type A is a unique transparent patch for repairing tears and holes in practically all materials (excluding PVC and vinyl, see Type B).

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Tear-Aid is an extremely strong and very elastic permanent repair patch which deserves a place in both your outdoor and indoor equipment repair kits.

  • Repair holes & tears instantly - just peel and stick
  • See-through patch works with all colours
  • Water tight and air tight under pressure even when stretched
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Cuts easily to any size with scissors
  • Won't turn gummy in high heat
  • 90% adhesive strength immediately after application
  • 100% adhesive strength one hour after application
  • Patch size: 30 x 8cm

Type A can be used on:

  • Airtex / Acrylate, Auto Convertible Tops, Awings & RV Awnings
  • Backpacks, Banners / Ballistic Nylon, Bladders, Boots / Butyl
  • Camping Repairs, Canvas Sails, Cordura / Cotton
  • Dacron / Domes
  • Fibreglass, Fishing Waders
  • Gore-Tex, Glass
  • Horse Blankets / Rugs, Hydra-Tex, Hypalon / Icarex
  • Inflatable Furniture & Toys
  • Kites
  • Leather / Lycra / Mylar
  • Neoprene / Nylon
  • PE Party Tents, Plastic / Sails / Toys / Water Toys, Polyamide / Polyester, Polyethene / Polyurethane, Pond Foils, EPDM / PE / HDPE / LDPE / FPP, Portable Shelters
  • Rain Coats / Gear / Rubber,
  • Scuba Wetsuits & Drysuits, Seats, Ski Suits, Sleeping Bags, Surfboards
  • Tarps, Tents, Trailer Windows, Tubes
  • Umbrellas and Zodiacs

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