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Moa 10 Canvas Tent Sunroom

RRP $599.00


Fits the Moa 10 Frame Tent.

  • Features
5 year warranty
  • 320g canvas Our Duraproof 320 canvas is made from a polyester/cotton blend for the simple reason that the life, performance and strength are far better than other fabrics. We use 320g canvas on all of our roofs, walls, inner's and fly's. This means you're assured of greater performance from your tent.
  • No-see-um mesh Even small bugs can't get through our no-see-um-mesh. Enjoy insect free living with ample air circulation.
  • Fits Moa 10 frame tent
  • 320g canvas sunroom walls
  • All windows have 'no-see-um' mesh and canvas or PVC storm flaps

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The Moa

The Moa

The moa were flightless birds endemic to NZ. Some reached about 3.6m in height and about 230kg in weight. They were the dominant herbivores in NZ for thousands of years until dying out by AD 1400 due to overhunting by the Maori and habitat decline.

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Moa 10 Canvas Tent Sunroom

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