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Kakapo 10 Canvas Tent Fly

RRP $399.00


Fits the Kakapo 10 canvas tents.

  • Features
5 year warranty
  • 320g canvas Our Duraproof 320 canvas is made from a polyester/cotton blend for the simple reason that the life, performance and strength are far better than other fabrics. We use 320g canvas on all of our roofs, walls, inner's and fly's. This means you're assured of greater performance from your tent.
  • Fits Kakapo 10 canvas tents
  • 320g canvas fly for ultimate climate control and weather protection

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The Kakapo

The Kakapo

Once one of NZ's most common birds, the kakapo is now one of the rarest. The kakapo is the heaviest parrot in the world and is the only one that is flightless and nocturnal. Its wings are not useless though, as the kakapo uses them for balance when climbing.

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