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Gasmate 43L 3-Way Upright Fridge

RRP $849.00


Take the comforts of home with you when you are camping. The Gasmate 43L 3-way Upright Camping Fridge can run on mains power, a 12V vehicle outlet or on LPG.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Silent operation with absorption cooling system
  • Slide-out shelf and door balcony
  • Door latch for firm closure
  • Thermostat controlled when operating on mains power
  • Complete with 12V AC cord and plug 240V power cord and gas hose/regulator
  • Approved to NZ Standards

WARNING: USE OUTDOORS ONLY. Do not use in caravans, tents, marine craft, cars, mobile homes or similar locations.

  • 3 modes of operation: 12V DC vehicle accessory outlet, 230-240V AC mains power and Universal LPG
  • Dimensions: 396 W x 628 H x 455 D (mm)
  • Weight: 19.5kg

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Gasmate 43L 3-Way Upright Fridge

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