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Savanna 3.5 Deluxe Tunnel

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Creates a water-tight seal connections between a Savanna 3.5 Deluxe Shelter and most Kiwi Camping Tents.

  • Features
  • 150 denier fabric We use a high density/high thread count (Denier) PU coated polyester fabric for the fly, which we have developed over many years. This fabric has superior tensile strength and is 8 times more durable than nylon. It doesn't stretch or sag when wet like nylon does and is a heavier quality than comparable fabrics.
  • 4000mm aqua rated This fabric will withstand a 4000mm (4 metre) solid column of water for more than 1 minute before a single drop might appear through the fabric. New Zealand’s highest 24-hour rainfall was 758mm - so we’ve got you covered! We also double-coat our waterproof PU coating for even better coverage and performance.
  • UV protection For added safety and comfort the fabric has UPF 50+UV protection.
  • Adjustable webbing straps and elastic ensure a tight fit over the front frame pole structure of the tent
  • Zipper attachment to a Savanna 4 Deluxe Shelter
  • 150D silver coated polyester with 4000mm double-coated aqua rating
  • Fits most Kiwi Camping Tents (Takahe 15, Takahe 10, Takahe 8, Kea 6, Kea 5E, Kea 4E)

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