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Pukeko Hiker Tent

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Multi-purpose tent/bivy ideal for trampers and hunters.

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The basics – Pukeko

  • 75D, 185T polyester fly with mesh inner
  • Aluminium poles and tri-pegging system
  • 4000mm double-coated aqua rating with fire retardant and SPF50 UV coating
  • 4000mm aqua rated poly-oxford floor
  • Dual pitch with or without inner
3 year warranty
Pukeko Hiker Tent plan view Pukeko Hiker Tent cross section view
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  • Dual Pitch Frame Pitch as the fly only, for an excellent ground shelter or clip in the inner for a comfortable one person hiker tent. This light-weight, quick to pitch design makes it a great and versatile hiker tent.
  • 75 denier fabric Strong, durable 75D polyester with a polyurethane (PU) waterproof coating. This fabric has superior tensile strength and is 8 times more durable than nylon. Our 75D fabric won’t stretch or sag when wet like other materials do and is a heavier quality than comparable fabrics.
  • 4000mm aqua rated This fabric will withstand a 4000mm (4 metre) solid column of water for more than 1 minute before a single drop might appear through the fabric. New Zealand’s highest 24-hour rainfall was 758mm - so we’ve got you covered! We also double-coat our waterproof PU coating for even better coverage and performance.
  • Seam sealed The seams of your dome tent or shelter are the most vulnerable for water leakage. We use a custom-developed method of heat-sealing tape over the seams to maintain waterproofing, resulting in maximum protection against the elements at all points.
  • Twin stitched seams Lap felled seam construction (doubling seams around on each other) with twin stitching ensures maximum strength around the seams of your canvas tent.
  • UV protection For added safety and comfort the fabric has UPF 50+UV protection.
  • Fire retardant The fabric has also been treated with a fire retardant solution. Even with this protection, ensure you take particular care around heat and flames. Avoid using open flame, heating or cooking appliances in or around your tent.
  • Power mesh pole sleeves Power mesh pole sleeves make it easier to feed the poles through. If you were to cause a rip in the material it will not tear like a polyester pole sleeve, meaning you can continue to use your tent!
  • Pin and ring pole attachment Quick and easy pole assembly and dismantling system.
  • Guy rope attachment This guy rope attachment spreads the tension evenly and pulls from the frame giving more support.
  • Quality zips, ropes and poles All our tents use heavy-duty coil zips, guy ropes and poles so you can be assured your tent will last for many years of exciting family camping holidays.
  • Tri-tensioners We use triangle-shaped guy rope tensioners rather than in-line tensioners to ensure the ropes do not slip.
  • No-see-um mesh Even small bugs can't get through our no-see-um-mesh. Enjoy insect free living with ample air circulation.
  • Lantern hanging points Conveniently located tabs to hang LED lanterns.
  • Size: 230 x 190 (cm)
  • Vestibule: 200 x 60 (cm)
  • Floor Area: 2.6m²
  • Packed Size: 44 W x 13 H x 14 D (cm)
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Kiwi Camping Pukeko Review Paul King

    From the easy, multi-pitch design, to its impressive aqua ratings, Kiwi Camping’s Pukeko is a spacious and comfortable tent. Pitched as a fly only, it’s an excellent, down-to-the-ground shelter; as a fly/inner combo it goes up quickly, the slowest part being the slightly awkward inner-tent attachment. But when it’s left clipped in place, the whole lot goes up together; a real bonus in bad weather. Once pitched, the tent is taut and aerodynamic. With fly and floor aqua ratings of 4000mm and 8000mm, you should stay dry in even the worst conditions, while the UPF50 sun protection adds extra performance for warmer seasons. For one person, the inner is spacious, with stash pockets at each end and ample room to bring all your equipment inside, important when there is only 200mm of vestibule outside. The door is generous, opening up the inner’s entire side, and has an excellent view-to-the-outside ventilation panel. The steep pitch, narrow head room and small vestibule hint at one-person, but it has the large 2.6m² floor area of a two-person tent (it also has a 1.2m² vestibule). There’s room enough inside for two, with space between, but with limited headroom and all equipment outside. All that space and fabric have to go somewhere, and unfortunately it’s straight to the Pukeko’s waistline. With a claimed weight of 2100g, it’s portly for a one-person tent. Retaining the existing fly configuration and reducing the floor area would increase the vestibule capacity and drop the overall fabric weight, perfect for those wishing to enjoy lightweight tramping. For now, it’s heavier than some (granted, more expensive) two-person tents boasting better headroom and storage. The Pukeko is promoted as an entry-level one-person tent – and I like it. It’s well made and does many things very well indeed. For overall comfort and value-for-performance, it’s tough to beat at this level.
  • Pukeko Hiker Tent Corbin Elliott

    Overall a fantastic and user friendly tent. I purchased this tent for a 4-week cycle tour across Europe. It packs down small, and is very light. Perfect for carrying with me on a bike. It is easy to set up and pack down with one person. I was new to this style of tent where the fly is set up first, so it helped to set up and pack down the tent a few times at home first. It super simple and quick once you get the hang of it. At first I was unsure about a tent where all the support and structure was provided by the outer fly. However, this worked great. The fly can be erected very quickly (useful if raining). And then the tent it self only takes another minute to clip in. Heaps of space for one person, I was able to bring all my bags in with me. There is room for two people at a squeeze without bags. Was as waterproof as one could hope. Spent some very wet nights inside without issue. There was one corner for me where a little dampness got in but it caused no problems. The pack down is simple, the fact that you tent come down inside the fly makes packing away in the rain slightly more comfortable, as at lest the tent can get folded, dried and packed away under cover. The wet fly then just stuffed into a plastic bag. The best part of the tent is the price. It is fantastic value. I was traveling with people who had 1-person tents for $500 and up, which had less space. Although they were lighter, I would happily save $300 and carry and extra 500gms. Also, at $150, you don't need to be too precious about it. Although with basic care and maintenance, mine has come back from the trip as good as new and will hopefully serve me well into the future. Keep in mind, although I experienced heavy rain, I did not use the tent in heavy wind. So I cannot speak for how it would function. However, there seem to be more than enough guy ropes in all the right places. Also, we used campgrounds, so my tent was always set up on flat ground. I happily purchase a second, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a light, easy to use, spacious, single man tent.
    Hi Corbin, Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to write a review. We are very pleased with our new hiker tents and have had a lot of good comments since we have brought them into our product range. We have designed a hiker range that suits the average kiwi rather than a mountaineer but as you have found, they perform very well in many environments. Cheers, The team at Kiwi Camping
  • This tent has been awesome Sasha

    I am a scout. I have used this tent in all sorts of weather. It's design means it can easily handle reasonable amounts of rain and wind. It goes up very easily in the rain, again it's design means the inside doesn't get wet in the process. It is light enough for hiking even if it doesn't pack down very small. Very comfortable for one person and gear or two if not raining.
  • Good tent Sean

    Good tent. I've used this more than thirty times. I've taken this on multi day trips. Plenty of room inside for myself and all my gear. Big enough for 2 people to sleep inside, but in this case the gear would have to go in the vestibule area. The tri pegs are solid, and light weight. On one night, it had rained for 24 hours, the ground was saturated with rain water, but the tent did a good job, only insignificant amounts of water made its way through the tent floor.
    Thanks for your detailed review Sean! We're glad to hear the tent stood up well on your recent adventure. Many thanks, Kiwi Camping
The Pukeko

The Pukeko

Another native, the pukeko is one of NZ's favourites. Otherwise known as the purple swamp hen, it lives in the wetlands where its long legs serve it well.

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