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Tropical Northland


June 2018

One of my favourite places in New Zealand is Northland. In January my family went on a holiday there and it was one of my favorite holidays. I enjoyed seeing all the new plants and animals.

One of my favourite things about Northland was seeing all the tropical fruit that can’t grow in Christchurch. Up in Northland it is so hot that I saw banana trees, watermelon vines, and fig trees. There were mangrove swamps and kauri trees as well.

Another great thing about Northland are the beaches. They are beautiful. I really enjoyed kayaking, and also swimming in the sea.

Northland is definitely a wonderful place. But sadly some of the plants and animals are dying. There is a disease called kauri dieback disease that is killing lots of kauri trees. But you can help! Always sterilize your shoes before entering kauri forests, to stop the disease from spreading.

By Tom – Age 10

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