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April 2015

Driving up the road eager to meet old friends and making new friends. Sand dunes and a estuary. A beach not very good for swimming because its a steep down hill.

Now the wildlife. Down by the estuary you need to have really spotty eyes. At low tide looking down, small fish swim around, baby Flounder, baby Kahawai, baby eels and many more fish.

But high tides a whole different story! Silver shimmering sparkles fill the estuary water, baby Kahawai again! Running as fast as my legs can take me, my friends and I run to the campground and grab the nets and the bucket.

Once we get down there we scoop and scoop out Kahawai into the bucket . Refilling the bucket regularly with water because the sun is scorching. My personal highest count was 8 baby Kahawai in one scoop.

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