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January 2016

Wild Things Comp Winner – Summer 2015/16

On a blue and sunny day, me and my family set off in the car to go to Tawharanui. Once we had unpacked the tent, we decided to go for a bush walk. We saw lots of interesting birds, like the Kereru. It was awesome to see such amazing wildlife.

That night, we set off with our torches through the bush once more. We saw two amazing kiwi. It was incredible.

The next day we all went snorkeling. Since Tawharanui is a marine sanctuary, we saw heaps of amazing fish, and even a baby stingray! That day, we were met with another amazing surprise! A pod of dolphins were coming through the bay! We saw them flipping in midair. It was awesome!

When it was time to leave, I was really sad, but glad I had had such a great time.

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  • Tawharanui Sunset Tawharanui Sunset
  • Tawharanui Tawharanui