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Sylvie the Jellyfish

Neve & Esme

September 2018

Winners of Wild Things Spring 2018 Competition.

We made a jellyfish with some tentacles made out of plastic bags. And we used a milk carton to make the head and another plastic bag (the one our newspaper comes in) to make the hood.

And we had some wool to hang it up. We drew a face on the milk carton because that’s where a jellyfishes real eyes would be.

We also drew a stomach pouch on top of the milk carton. We named it Sylvie. We put thin tentacles on the outside and thick oral arms in the middle.

By Neve – Age 5 & Esme Age 3

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  • Neve & Esme with Sylvie the jellyfish Neve & Esme with Sylvie the jellyfish