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Creature Creations

Troy and Eric

October 2016

Wild Things Comp Winners – Spring 2016

This is our gannet. We modelled it on a real gannet we found dead on the beach. (We did call her tag in to DOC).

The body is made of plastic containers and an old sock, with a piece of a meat tray for the beak. Newspaper is taped on wire offcuts for the wings – with plastic bags for feathers – and the feet are kebab sticks and plastic bags.

We visited a taxidermist and put the skills we learnt by watching him into practice, except we used recycled materials.

Troy and Eric’s effort was amazing and we chose them as the winner of our KCC competition to create a native animal, in the Spring edition of the magazine. Enjoy your prize, boys; well deserved.

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  • Troy and Eric with their gannet Troy and Eric with their gannet
  • The finished product The finished product
  • Head and beak Head and beak
  • The masters at work The masters at work
  • Plastic bag feathers Plastic bag feathers
  • Kebab stick feet Kebab stick feet