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Quail Island


April 2015

I was so excited! On the ferry to the island it was raining so we stayed inside the cabin.

When we landed on the island we walked for about 5-10 minutes to the campsite, which was near the old barracks. We set up our tents and then had lunch.

After lunch was exploring time. We went up a track that led to the kennels where dogs for Antarctic expeditions had been quarantined. At one corner of the path we stopped and hunted for geckos and insects.

That night we played spotlight. In the morning we got up, had breakfast and took down our tents.

We went walking to the ships graveyard, seeing graves, huts and filling out our Kiwi Ranger booklets along the way. Back at the wharf we got our badges and got on the boat. I can’t wait until the next trip.

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