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Peach Cove


June 2018

My favourite place is Peach Cove. I like it because there are loads of trees around it. Maybe it’s called Peach Cove because there are lots of peach trees, but we didn’t see any.

We stayed in a hut for two nights. It was fun because we slept in sleeping bags and in the night we heard a morepork and we heard a mystery bird creeping up.

A lady showed us a robin. She was like a magic woman because she clapped and then the robin came. We jumped on boulders.

The hut has a big pohutukawa growing on a big rock and I climbed on it with one of my sisters and we made a secret mission to see the best view from the top.

When we left to go home we had to climb loads of steps – 787! We had lots of fun at the hut.

By Eloise – Age 6

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