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Mount Taranaki


April 2015

A while ago, I went on a tramp with my auntie and her friend. We went up Mount Taranaki but we didn't go all the way up. The tramp was nearly 5km. There is a picture of the track with my story, and the black line is the track we walked on.

We had some snacks and bottles of water. Isaw a rat and a stoat in a trap and i thought that was good, because they are pests and eat our native bird’s eggs and Powelliphanta snails.

We stopped every now and then for a drink and a snack. I heard some Tui and maybe Bellbirds singing in the trees, and it sounded very pretty.

I think the mountain looks pretty. When we walked back down, it took us almost 3 hours to get to the bottom. but the scenery was nice.

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