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Momarangi Bay


April 2015

Wild Things Comp Winner – Autumn 2015

Before my trip to Momarangi Bay I dreamt about all the fun I would have. It didn't look fun at first glance, but I tell you it was fun.

There was loads of room to ride my bike. I saw some Silver Eyes and there were loads of Cicadas.

There is a track there with some NATIVE trees along the way, capitals because I like native stuff. Including: Tree fuchsia, Whitey Wood, and much much more.

Why don’t you go there some time? I found a big and a small beach. The big one has more chances of finding Jellyfish.

I found lots of cool stuff: Petrified crabs, broken shells, and more stuff. I found two strange animals. One was a type of sea snail but the other I don't know.

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