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Long Gully Bush reserve


May 2016

Next door to Zealandia, in South Karori, is an area called Long Gully Bush Reserve (or LGBR). It started in 1999. It is surrounded by a 5.1 km long, 1.5 m high, goat proof fence. But due to landslips and animals pushing and digging underneath, the fence has holes that goats can get through.

Wellington Natural Heritage Trust member, Chris Cosslett, and his children, Flynn and Lil, went on a trip to LGBR to fix some of these holes. The fence was built to protect the birds that fly over from Zealandia, and the regenerating native bush from wild goats, which are a serious pest in the area. The Wellington Natural Heritage Trust also controls possums, rats and mustelids.

The visit to LGBR was an educational experience about wildlife and the history of Wellington’s water supply. After we fixed the holes we went exploring. There is an old water supply structure that used to supply water to Wellington. “There was also a dead goat and it stunk!” said Lil.

“We fixed all the holes that were there that day, but we will have to keep an eye on it because the goats will keep trying to get through,” Said Dad.

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