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Nikau & Arlo

May 2017

Wild Things Comp Winners – Autumn 2017

A few weeks ago after a big storm we were exploring Collingwood beach and found a whole lot of shells with weird white lumps on them. It was hard but if you squeezed it it had a clear jelly in the middle.

Mum had never seen them before and neither had any friends or family that we asked, so we uploaded a photo onto the iNaturalist app and had it identified as Arabic Volute. It’s an egg from a type of shell, so cool!

We also drew pictures of it to send to our grandma.

By Nikau (6) and Arlo (4)

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  • Getting a closer look Getting a closer look
  • Arabic Volute Arabic Volute
  • Nikau's drawing for Grandma Nikau's drawing for Grandma